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Trading Bots & Features
Trading Bots & Features

Explore the diverse range of trading bots and advanced features offered by Cryptohopper to optimize your trading strategies.

Copy Bot

Discover everything you want to know about Cryptohopper's Copy Bots.

How to select a Copy Bot?Considerations for selecting a Copy Bot: Exchange compatibility, quote currency choice, order frequency. Explore Cryptohopper's Marketplace.
How to set up a Copy Bot?Start automated trading with ease! Choose a Copy Bot, connect your exchange, and monitor trades via the app.
What is Copy Bot Portfolio Sync?Discover Copy Bot Portfolio Sync: Automate opening positions based on Copy Bot Seller trades. Check marketplace info.
Why is my Copy Bot not buying/not buying a lot?Ensure your Copy Bot is active, well-funded, and correctly connected to your exchange for seamless trading.
Can I use multiple trading bots on the same crypto exchange account?Using multiple trading bots on one crypto exchange? Considerations & tips for efficient management.
How do I renew my Copy Bot?Renew your Copy Bot subscription manually: Check dashboard or subscription overview. Explore Copy Bots in the Marketplace.
How do I convert a regular trading bot into a Copy Bot?Missed renewal, accidental stops, or trial expirations can turn your Copy Bot into a trading bot. Revert in the Marketplace.
Can I convert funds to my quote currency?Convert funds easily on the Copy Bot Dashboard with 'Convert to USDT' button.
How are Copy Bot orders placed?Cryptohopper prioritizes subscriber buy orders, preventing frontrunning by sellers. Orders are executed randomly, unlike competitors.
Why is my profit different from that of the seller of the Copy Bot?Difference in profit/loss between your Copy Bot & seller's may stem from timing & order book dynamics.
How often does a Copy Bot trade?Copy Bot trading frequency varies. Check descriptions before subscribing. Index bots don't trade; others may trade heavily.
Does the seller of the Copy Bot have skin in the game?Copy Bot sellers on Cryptohopper must use their own money for trading, except for a few cases.
How to troubleshoot my Copy Bot?Ensure your Copy Bot works flawlessly: check subscription, trade frequency, bot status, API keys, funds, and errors.
Why is Cryptohopper’s Copy Bot different?Discover the unique features of Cryptohopper's Copy Bot and its fair order placements, transparent pricing, and dedicated sellers!
What is a Copy Bot?Automate your trading with Cryptohopper's Copy Bots. Find, subscribe, connect, and trade hassle-free!
How can I continue using my existing Copy Bot subscription?Accidentally stopped your Copy Bot? Convert your trading bot back to Copy Bot and continue using your subscription easily.
Trading Bot

Discover everything you want to know about Cryptohopper's trading bots.

Can I view charts on my trading bot’s dashboard?View trading pair charts easily. Click 'Advanced view' for more control.
Can I synchronize positions that I have on my crypto exchange account?Synchronize your open positions seamlessly. Choose current or original purchase price sync. Dashboard & Advanced Dashboard instructions.
What does the panic button do?Use the panic button to sell all positions at once & turn off the trading bot automatically.
How is the profit of my trading bot calculated?Factors like synced positions & trading fees affect profit calculation. Displayed based on start balance & total assets.
How do I reserve positions so my trading bot won’t sell them?Protect your positions from selling by reserving them. Use locking or reserve positions option.
Can I adjust sell settings for specific open positions?Adjust sell settings for specific positions of your trading bot easily.
How do I enable Paper Trading?Explore Paper Trading: Convert existing bots or create new ones easily.
Where can I view the activities of my trading bot?Track your trading bot's activities easily in two places: Activities and Trading Bot Output.
What does "Total assets in USDT on exchange" mean?Understand 'Total assets in USDT on exchange' and its impact on your trading strategy.
Why isn't my bot trading?Discover why your bot isn't trading with Troubleshooter, documentation, or support.
How do I assign a subscription to my trading bot?Link your trading bot subscription easily via Dashboard, My bots overview, or Bulk Bot Manager.
How can I trade with the trading bot?Trade with Cryptohopper's bot: Manual, Strategy, Signals, AI, or TradingView.
Can I backtest my trading bot?Backtest your trading bot or template in beta mode. Learn more!
How can I see which bot template is currently loaded?Discover which Trading bot template is loaded in just a few clicks! Optimize your strategy for different market conditions.
Can I backtest my trading strategy?Test your trading strategy with various options available. Backtest signals in a month's timeframe, and perform a quick check.
Where can I see the technical indicator values of my strategy?Check current technical indicator values for your custom trading strategy on the Dashboard.
Can I use a strategy and trading signals at the same time?Use both trading strategy & signals, but note you can't specify frequency. Buy signals execute in both.
Why do my technical indicator values differ from TradingView?Compare Cryptohopper's technical indicators with TradingView for accurate trading strategies.
Can I use different strategies in a trading bot?Tailor strategies per currency in your trading bot using Config pools for optimal trading.
Why doesn't my strategy place orders?Potential reasons for strategy inactivity: infrequent signals, excessive indicators, limited assets, or bot errors.
How often does my strategy get checked?Check the frequency of your strategy based on your bot subscription: Explorer - 10 min, Adventurer - 5 min, Hero - 2 min.
How to create a trading strategy?Create a trading strategy with Cryptohopper's Strategy Designer. Follow these steps: access, name, select indicators, save.
Will my positions' sell settings be updated when I update the base config?Update your base configuration to automatically update all sell settings for open positions in your trading bot.
How do I receive TradingView Alerts?Automate trading with TradingView Alerts on Cryptohopper. Explore now!
Why are my positions sold at a loss (or bigger loss) when I haven’t configured this?Positions sold at a loss? Check trading signals & liquidity of pairs. Optimize settings for better outcomes.
Why doesn't my position DCA?Why doesn't my position DCA? Learn why DCA trades may not execute & ensure optimal trading strategies.
How does Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) work?Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) maximizes profits by increasing investments in losing positions over time.
Why is my short position removed?Adjust settings to manage short positions effectively. Learn about 'Do not buy back on loss' feature activation.
How does Shorting work?Manage losing positions with Cryptohopper's Short and Trailing Stop-Short feature, an alternative to traditional stop-loss methods.
What does Auto-close do?Auto-close: Manage risk, align with strategy, optimize capital efficiency, and gain peace of mind.
How does Trailing Stop-Loss work?Automate selling with Trailing Stop-Loss: set parameters, activate, and optimize your trading strategy effortlessly.
Can I use Stop-loss in combination with other sell features?Use all sell features together, but avoid combining Dollar Cost Averaging and Shorting for optimal results.
How does Stop-loss work?Automatically sell positions with Stop-loss: Set percentage threshold for selling in trading bot configs.
How does Hold assets when new target is the same work?Prevent selling if strategy suggests buying same asset with 'Hold assets when new target is the same' enabled.
What does Only sell in profit mean?Sell positions profitably with 'Only sell in profit' option in Base config.
How does Sell based on strategy work?When 'Sell based on strategy' is enabled, positions sell on strategy's sell signal. 'Only sell in profit' ensures profitable sales.
Can I use Take profit and Trailing stop-loss at the same time?Combine Take Profit & Trailing Stop-Loss for flexible selling strategies.
How does Take profit work?Automatically sell at target profit with Take profit feature.
Can I trade all cryptocurrencies from my exchange?
How does Trailing stop-buy work?Track price for better buying with Trailing stop-buy in strategy.
How to configure my trading strategy?
How to configure buy amounts as a percentage of my balance?Configure buy amounts as a percentage of your balance using Base config settings.
Why did my trading bot open a position smaller than configured?Reasons for smaller positions: Limit orders, insufficient funds, and reserved funds affect buy amounts.
How to configure my buy amounts?Configure buy amounts: percentage of funds or consistent order size in Base config.
How does "Only buy if not already in positions" work?With 'Only buy if not already in positions' enabled, trading bot avoids new buy orders overlapping existing ones.
What does "Only buy when there are positive pairs" mean?Trading bot buys only when there are positive price changes in selected currencies.
Should I use Market or Limit orders?Learn pros & cons of Market & Limit orders. Make informed trading decisions. Read now!
Why is my order not filled?Discover why your order may not be executed. Learn about limit and market orders.
What is "Use ticker rate?Optimize your trading strategy with "Use ticker rate". Minimize losses with Highest bid, Lowest ask.
Do you have a portfolio balancing function?Cryptohopper doesn't offer auto-rebalancing bots. Trading bots use available funds for continuous trading.
Can I margin trade with Cryptohopper?Discover why Cryptohopper doesn't offer margin trading and what the future may hold.
Can I trade derivatives with Cryptohopper?Cryptohopper doesn't offer derivatives trading yet. Future possibility depends on regulations & licenses.
Can I trade futures with Cryptohopper?Cryptohopper doesn't offer futures trading yet. Future possibility depends on regulations & licenses.
Does the trading bot trade automatically?Cryptohopper's trading bots handle automatic trades for you! Explore Copy Bots, Trading bots, Market Making bots & Arbitrage bots.
How much profit do I make on average with Cryptohopper?Maximize profits with Cryptohopper by mastering emotions. Join Discord, explore Marketplace. Beware of Discord & Telegram scams.
Can you set up my trading bot?Start automated trading confidently with Cryptohopper's default strategies, Copy Bots, and Marketplace offerings.
I just bought a subscription, but my troubleshooter is saying I don't have one. How is that possible?Troubleshooter not recognizing subscription? Reasons vary: assign correctly or check payment.
How can I deposit money into my Cryptohopper account?Deposit money into Cryptohopper Balance for subscriptions and Marketplace, not for trading.
How can I withdraw money from Cryptohopper?Cryptohopper Balance: Withdraw only if earned as Affiliate/Seller.
My trading bot is showing no activity. What's going on?Trading bot inactive? Check out Cryptohopper's feature check times & troubleshooting.
What are Config pools and how to use them?Tailor strategies with Config pools for diverse cryptocurrencies.
What are triggers?Triggers allow bots to act on market events like crash or pump protection.
What is Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.) and how does it work?Discover Algorithm Intelligence A.I., exclusive to Cryptohopper, shaping the future of automated trading.
What is the Strategy Designer and what can it do?Automate market analysis with Strategy Designer on Cryptohopper.
How does the Config backtester calculate max profit?Calculate the Config backtester's max profit with this formula: (total returns/total invested)*100.
What is a necessary technical indicator?Discover what a necessary technical indicator is and how it works in your trading strategy.
How are profits calculated in the trade history of the trading bot?Track trade profits, understand fees, and optimize settings with our trading bot's transparent history analysis.