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How do I reserve positions so my trading bot won’t sell them?
How do I reserve positions so my trading bot won’t sell them?

Protect your positions from selling by reserving them. Use locking or reserve positions option.

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There are 2 ways to reserve positions so that your trading bot does not sell them based on your base config's sell settings.

Lock position

If you prefer to see all your cryptocurrencies in one overview, you may consider using Lock positions. Go to your Dashboard (or Advanced Dashboard) and click on the lock symbol in an open position.

You will now see that the lock is closed, indicating that this position will not be affected by the trading bot's sell settings.

Please note that when using Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and having multiple open positions, it may cause confusion in the DCA calculation.

Reserve positions

Another option is to reserve positions. Click on the Info button of an open position and select Reserve positions.

You will now see the positions listed under the Reserved positions tab on the Dashboard.

Please note that if you manually sell these positions, errors will be displayed in the trading bot output when you move these positions back to open positions. If you continue to experience issues, we recommend releasing all Reserved positions and resynchronizing so that the trading bot knows exactly which positions are available. The original buy rate will differ in this case.

Clicking on Release positions will remove the position from being considered in open positions on Cryptohopper.

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