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Cryptohopper FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Cryptohopper, covering topics from basic usage to advanced features.

Getting Started

Kickstart your journey into automated trading with Cryptohopper. Learn how to set up your account, connect exchanges, and configure your first trading bot.

Trading Bots & Features

Explore the diverse range of trading bots and advanced features offered by Cryptohopper to optimize your trading strategies.

Connect Exchange & API Issues

Troubleshoot issues related to connecting exchanges and API integration with Cryptohopper to ensure seamless trading experiences.

Portfolio Management

Discover all the ins and outs so you can easily manage your crypto portfolio.

Trading Errors & Troubleshooting

Discover solutions to common trading errors and technical issues encountered while using Cryptohopper, ensuring smooth and uninterrupted trading operations.

Subscriptions & Payments

Understand the subscription plans, payment methods, and billing-related queries for your Cryptohopper account.

Paper Trading

Practice trading strategies risk-free with Cryptohopper's paper trading feature, perfect for testing strategies before implementing them with real funds.


Explore the Cryptohopper marketplace to discover a wide array of trading strategies, signals, and indicators created by expert traders.

Account Management & Security

Learn how to manage your Cryptohopper account securely, including password management, two-factor authentication setup, and account security best practices.

Marketplace Sellers

Gain insights into becoming a successful seller on the Cryptohopper marketplace, offering your trading strategies and signals to a global audience.

Affiliate & Partner Program

Learn about Cryptohopper's affiliate and partner program, offering opportunities to earn rewards by referring new users or collaborating with the platform.

API Developers

Dive into the technical details of Cryptohopper's API for developers, enabling custom integrations and advanced trading strategies.