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How to ensure the safety of my funds?
How to ensure the safety of my funds?

Boost fund security on Cryptohopper & exchanges: Enable 2FA, strong passwords, device auth, IP whitelisting, & more.

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Ensuring the safety of your funds is important. By implementing these practices, you can increase the security of your funds on platforms like Cryptohopper and your chosen crypto exchange.

1. Activate Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

One of the most important things. Enable 2FA on both your Cryptohopper and crypto exchange accounts for an additional layer of security. This step is crucial in safeguarding access to your assets. For a step-by-step guide to set it up for your Cryptohopper account click here.

2. Avoid Granting Withdrawal Rights

When creating API keys, do not enable withdrawal rights. It's unnecessary and introduces undue risk to your funds. Read more about how to connect to your crypto exchange with API Keys.

3. Use Strong and Long Passwords

Ensure your passwords are complex and lengthy for both your Cryptohopper and crypto exchange accounts, boosting your accounts' resistance to unauthorized access.

4. Device Authorization

Cryptohopper uses device authorization. You'll receive an email with a code when logging in from a new device, providing an extra security measure.

5. IP Whitelisting

Whitelist IP addresses in your Cryptohopper account when creating an API key. This restriction ensures trades can only be opened on your behalf from Cryptohopper's servers.

6. Use The Security Features From Your Exchange

Make sure you know and implement additional security features offered by your crypto exchange, such as login notifications. These measures are designed to improve your trading safety. You can find more information on the website of your crypto exchange.

7. Verify the Authenticity of Emails

Always verify the legitimacy of emails received from Cryptohopper or your crypto exchange to avoid phishing attempts.

8. Read our blog

Make sure you have read our blog on how to secure your account.

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