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Getting Started
Getting Started

Kickstart your journey into automated trading with Cryptohopper. Learn how to set up your account, connect exchanges, and configure your first trading bot.

How does Cryptohopper work?Cryptohopper is a trading platform for cryptocurrencies, offering automated trading bots and manual options.
What can I do during my trial?Experience automated crypto trading with Cryptohopper's 3-day trial. Test regular or Copy bots and explore platform workings.
How to choose the right trading bot type?Choose the right crypto trading bot on Cryptohopper based on your experience and goals: Regular, Copy, Arbitrage, or Market Making bots.
How to create a new trading bot?Discover how to quickly create a new trading bot on Cryptohopper: via the configuration wizard, templates, cloning, or Bulk Bot Manager.
How to connect my crypto exchange to Cryptohopper?Connect your crypto exchange to Cryptohopper using API Keys or Fast Connect for secure trading.
How to execute manual trades from the dashboard?Execute manual trades from Cryptohopper's dashboard effortlessly.
How to redeem a discount code for my subscription?Learn how to redeem a discount code for your trading bot subscription. Save on your first bill!
How to ensure the safety of my funds?Boost fund security on Cryptohopper & exchanges: Enable 2FA, strong passwords, device auth, IP whitelisting, & more.
Why do I need a crypto exchange account?Discover why a crypto exchange account is essential for automated trading. Your funds stay with the exchange; connectivity is key.
How to create multiple trading bots?Explore creating multiple trading bots on Cryptohopper with ease. Start with one and choose your bot type.