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How to redeem a discount code for my subscription?
How to redeem a discount code for my subscription?

Learn how to redeem a discount code for your trading bot subscription. Save on your first bill!

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This guide explains how to apply a discount code to your trading bot subscription.

Applying Your Discount Code

  1. Start Your Subscription: When you're ready to purchase a subscription, you'll find the option to add a discount code as part of the checkout process. For a step-by-step guide on how to buy a subscription click here.

  2. Enter the Discount Code: Look for the "Discount Code" option and enter your code in the designated field.

  3. Manual Addition Required: It's important to note that the discount will not apply automatically. You must manually enter the code to benefit from the reduced price. If you don't add it you will pay the full price.

Remember, the discount applies to your first bill only, so make the most of this opportunity to save on your subscription and consider a yearly subscription.

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