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Can I apply discount codes to gift cards?
Can I apply discount codes to gift cards?

Apply discount codes to Cryptohopper Subscription Gift Cards at checkout, but not to Credits Gift Cards.

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Whether you can apply a discount code to Cryptohopper gift cards depends on the type of gift card you're creating. Cryptohopper allows the creation of two kinds of gift cards:

  1. Subscription Gift Cards: These are for Explorer, Adventurer, and Hero subscriptions. You can apply a discount code to these gift cards.

  2. Credits Gift Card: For this type of gift card, which adds credits to a user's account, discount codes cannot be applied.

When purchasing a subscription gift card, you'll have the opportunity to apply a discount code at checkout. Simply click on the "discount code" option to input your code and apply the discount.

For more information on how to create a gift card click here.

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