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Do I need a subscription to trade?
Do I need a subscription to trade?

A subscription is required for automated trading on Cryptohopper, with options for regular and Copy Bot subscriptions.

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Yes, a subscription is always required for automatic trading with our trading bot on Cryptohopper. The type of subscription you'll need depends on the type of bot you wish to use:

  1. Regular Trading Bot: Options include Pioneer (free, allows for manual trading and portfolio management), Explorer, Adventurer, or Hero subscriptions. If you want to know more on how to buy an Explorer, Adventurer or Hero subscription click here. The pricing can be found on our website.

  2. Copy Bot: A separate subscription tailored for those who prefer to copy the trading strategies of others. You can find our Copy bots in the Marketplace.

When you create an account on Cryptohopper, you'll receive a free trial subscription valid for 3 days. This trial can be used as either an Explorer subscription or a Copy Bot subscription, giving you a taste of automated trading on our platform.

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