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What can I do during my trial?
What can I do during my trial?

Experience automated crypto trading with Cryptohopper's 3-day trial. Test regular or Copy bots and explore platform workings.

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When you sign up for Cryptohopper, you get a 3-day trial that opens the door to a world of automated crypto trading. The trial is automatically added to your Cryptohopper account when you create the account.

With the trial you can either set up a regular trading bot or create a Copy bot. Whether you're looking to connect with your crypto exchange for real transactions or prefer to test the waters with Paper Trading, the trial has you covered. However, it's important to note that some features, like the Arbitrage Bot and Market Making Bot, are exclusive to Hero subscription holders.

If you start your journey with a regular trading bot but wish to explore the benefits of a Copy Trading bot (or vice versa), there's flexibility to switch. You can reassign your trial to the new bot you create.

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