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Account Management & Security
Account Management & Security

Learn how to manage your Cryptohopper account securely, including password management, two-factor authentication setup, and account security best practices.

How to delete my account?Learn how to delete your Cryptohopper account and remove your data permanently by following these steps.
Do you have a forum?Join the Cryptohopper forum, the Question Base, to discuss and share insights with other Cryptohopper users.
Why can't I log in?Common login issues include incorrect username or password, 2FA problems, or a blocked account. Follow provided guides or contact support.
I don't have my 2FA anymore, what can I do?Lost your Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)? Contact support for assistance. We prioritize security.
Why should I always beware of phishing and scammers?Stay vigilant against phishing and scammers. Cryptohopper will never initiate contact on social media or request funds.
Why don't I receive emails from Cryptohopper?Trouble receiving emails from Cryptohopper? Whitelist [email protected] and [email protected].
Why can't I configure 2FA when using Social login?Discover why 2FA isn't available for social logins on Cryptohopper and how Device Authorization ensures security.
How to change my Cryptohopper email address?Easily change your email address with Cryptohopper! Follow these steps: log in, adjust profile, confirm emails.
How to reset your password when forgotten?Forgot your Cryptohopper password? Follow these steps to reset it and get back to trading!
How to change your Cryptohopper username when forgotten?Retrieve your forgotten Cryptohopper username effortlessly with our step-by-step tutorial. We've got you covered!
How to configure Cryptohopper credit alerts?Never miss a trade! Learn how to set up Cryptohopper credit alerts to prevent your trading bots from stopping due to low credit.