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Why should I always beware of phishing and scammers?
Why should I always beware of phishing and scammers?

Stay vigilant against phishing and scammers. Cryptohopper will never initiate contact on social media or request funds.

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Watch out for phishing and scammers. On Facebook, Discord, X, and other channels multiple phishing messages are being shared.

Cryptohopper employees will never reach out first to you on Social media. We will never ask you to send funds or share private keys. We also will never have airdrops!

If you read anything about Bitcoin revolution,, or anything else that you don't trust, feel free to contact us. These are not our partners.

The most important thing is that you never deposit money on crypto exchanges (or other platforms) that are not shown on our website!

All Cryptohopper's services happen through

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