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Explore the Cryptohopper marketplace to discover a wide array of trading strategies, signals, and indicators created by expert traders.

How can I deploy trading bot templates?Deploy trading bot templates via Base config, new bot setup, or Bulk Bot Manager in Cryptohopper.
How to download trading bot templates?Download and customize trading bot templates from Cryptohopper's Marketplace for any crypto exchange.
How to backtest trading bot templates?Backtest trading bot templates on Cryptohopper, now in beta with enhanced settings and options.
Where can I see which trading bot template is loaded?Check which trading bot template is loaded in your bot's Base config under 'Basic settings'.
Can I clone a trading bot template?Clone trading bot templates on Cryptohopper for easy testing and setup via various methods.
How do I keep the Trigger ID the same when switching between bot templates?Preserve Trigger ID when switching bot templates by using 'Do not overwrite triggers' setting.
Why are my signals removed when loading a trading bot template?Prevent signal loss by subscribing to trading signals in both bot templates before switching.
Can I automatically switch between trading bot templates?Automatically switch between trading bot templates using Triggers; learn how with our guide.
How long will trading bot templates be updated by the Marketplace Seller?Marketplace Seller updates trading bot templates for 3 months to 1 year; manual updates may be needed.
Are trading bot templates refundable?Trading bot templates are not refundable as they can be copied and customized to your needs.
Can I load a trading bot template from another exchange onto my trading bot?Use any Cryptohopper Marketplace trading bot template across different exchanges; adjust as needed.
How do I save a trading bot template?Save your trading bot template for later use or variation via Base config, bot overview, or Bulk Manager.
How do I load a trading bot template with Triggers?Use triggers to load different trading bot templates for various market conditions. Learn more here.
Do you offer sample configurations?Use Cryptohopper's trading bot templates as a starting point and adjust them to suit your needs.

How to use my trading strategy in Cryptohopper?Set up your trading strategy in Cryptohopper via Base config, Config pool, or Bulk Bot Manager.
How much data does the AI use for training?AI training uses 5 months of backtested data, improving with continued use in trading bots.
When does my trading strategy trigger a buy or sell?Learn when your trading strategy triggers buy or sell orders and how to backtest it on Cryptohopper.
Why can't I save 'No strategy selected'?Cannot save 'No strategy selected'; 'Signals only' reactivates in trading bot settings.
Why does training trading pairs for my AI trading strategy take so long?AI strategy training takes time due to extensive backtesting of 5 months of data per trading pair.
Why do I only see scores for buying in my AI trading strategy?AI trading strategy shows only buy scores due to specific strategy, signals, or TradingView alerts.
Should I use the Normal score or Corrected score for the AI trading strategy?Start with the Normal score in AI trading; corrected scores need time to refine and optimize.
Why don’t I see scores for the signal subscriptions that I added to the AI trading strategy?Scores for AI trading signals may not show immediately as they are not backtested but update with usage.
Do I have to remove poorly performing sources from my AI trading strategy?No need to remove poorly performing sources in AI trading; they may perform well on other pairs.
Is a low score bad for an AI trading strategy?Low scores in AI trading aren't bad; they help identify the best sources for specific trends.
Is it difficult to build an AI trading strategy?Building an AI trading strategy requires understanding of sources like strategies and signals.
Why do I see my previously configured trading strategy on my Dashboard?See old trading strategies on Dashboard due to pending new checks or specific Config pool settings.
Can I compare the current values of the technical indicators with TradingView?Compare technical indicator values between Cryptohopper and TradingView to ensure consistency.
Can I use different trading strategies for different currencies?Use different trading strategies for various cryptocurrencies with Config pools in your trading bot.
Can I sell based on my trading strategy?Sell positions based on your trading strategy by enabling the feature in Base config settings.
Can I sell trading strategies myself?Sell your trading strategies on Cryptohopper by becoming a Marketplace Seller. Learn more here.
What can I do with JSON in the Strategy Designer?Use JSON in the Strategy Designer to share and update trading strategies more conveniently.
Can I see how trading strategies perform before purchasing them?View and backtest trading strategies on Cryptohopper before purchase to assess performance.
Can I download trading strategies from other Cryptohopper users?Download trading strategies from Cryptohopper's Marketplace or use JSON code from friends.
How do I create trading strategies myself?Learn to create your own trading strategies with our helpful guide on technical indicators.
When I train my AI, why don't I see scores for my TradingView Alerts?TradingView Alerts in AI strategies show zero scores as they cannot be backtested, but improve with use.
Why can't I see the trading strategy values of a Marketplace strategy?Marketplace strategies may hide values to protect from copying. Backtest or contact the seller for info.

Why do I see 'Signal for different exchange/currency'?Trading bot message 'Signal for different exchange/currency' indicates mismatch in settings or currencies.
Can I configure different buy amounts for trading signals?Configure buy amounts for trading signals in your bot via Signal configuration settings.
How can I blacklist trading signals?Cryptohopper Hero users can block signals for specific coins by setting a long cooldown in Config pool or use Signals only
For how many cryptocurrencies can I receive trading signals?Receive varying crypto trading signals based on your Cryptohopper subscription level.
Why am I not receiving any trading signals?Not receiving trading signals? Check your signaler's Performance report and bot settings.
Why am I no longer subscribed to my trading signals in my trading bot?Unsubscribed from a signaler? Reload them in your bot or adjust triggers without extra cost.
Can I contact the Marketplace Seller who provides the trading signals?Contact Cryptohopper signal sellers via email, Discord, or Telegram for support.
Can I determine how much of my funds is used by trading signals?Cryptohopper executes buy orders until set maximum quote currency amount is reached.
Can I subscribe to multiple signalers at the same time?Subscribe to multiple trading signals and pause any signaler as needed in your trading bot.
Why have my signaler subscriptions disappeared after loading a bot template?Learn why signaler subscriptions vanish after loading a bot template in this article.
How to configure trading signals?Configure trading signals and set a selling strategy in Cryptohopper's Marketplace.
What does Signal configuration do?Signal config in trading bots applies Signaler's settings, overriding Base and Config pool.
At which rate get orders placed when using trading signals?Trading bot places orders at current rates or lowest ask based on the signal and settings.
Where to find the performance reports of signalers?Check signaler performance reports in our Marketplace before subscribing to trading signals.
Do signalers send sell signals?Check if signalers send sell signals; set up your own sell settings if not.
Can I use Trailing Stop-Buy (TSB) with trading signals?Trailing Stop-Buy cannot be used with trading signals received from your subscribed signaler.