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When does my trading strategy trigger a buy or sell?
When does my trading strategy trigger a buy or sell?

Learn when your trading strategy triggers buy or sell orders and how to backtest it on Cryptohopper.

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There are various factors that determine when your trading strategy places a buy or sell order. Whether you develop your own strategy or purchase one from Cryptohopper's Marketplace, in both cases, you can backtest the trading strategy!

Custom trading strategy

When you create your own trading strategy, you can specify how many technical indicators or candle patterns need to give a buy signal before an order is sent to your crypto exchange. This can be set in the Strategy Designer. Learn more.

Want to know when your technical indicator gives a buy or sell signal? Check out our documentation article on Technical Indicators.

Marketplace Strategy

When you purchase a trading strategy in Cryptohopper's Marketplace, the technical indicators may not always be visible when they give a buy or sell signal. Therefore, use the strategy backtester.

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