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Can I backtest my trading strategy?
Can I backtest my trading strategy?

Test your trading strategy with various options available. Backtest signals in a month's timeframe, and perform a quick check.

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Yes, that is possible. If you create a trading strategy, you will see multiple options to test it.

Once your trading strategy is ready and saved, click on the "Test" tab.


The backtest displays all buy and/or sell signals within approximately a month's timeframe.

Please note that the strategy backtester does not consider the maximum number of open positions set in your trading bot. The backtester primarily serves to observe when your trading strategy buys or sells.

Quick Check

The quick check function displays the current values of the technical indicators you have set. This provides a snapshot of the moment you click the Quick Check button.

Please note that Cryptohopper's technical indicator formulas may differ slightly from those of TradingView.

Find out more how to create a trading strategy with Cryptohopper's Strategy Designer.

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