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How can I trade with the trading bot?
How can I trade with the trading bot?

Trade with Cryptohopper's bot: Manual, Strategy, Signals, AI, or TradingView.

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There are several ways you can trade with Cryptohopper's trading bot.

Manual Buying with Automated Selling

If you prefer to make manual decisions about entering trades, you can utilize the Advanced Dashboard. Here, you can customize options such as Take Profit, Trailing Stop-Loss and Stop-Loss to reduce emotional trading. Positions without specific sell settings will adhere to your trading bot's sell settings.

Strategy with Technical Indicators

Use the Strategy Designer to design your own trading strategies based on technical indicators. Additionally, explore the Marketplace for pre-designed strategies that can be backtested before using them.

Trade Based on Trading Signals

For those unsure about when to enter a trade, subscribing to trading signals from signalers is an option. Download recommended bot templates and add the suggested currencies to your "Coins and Amounts" in your Base config to begin.

AI Strategy Designer

Exclusive to pro traders and Hero subscribers, the AI Strategy Designer allows the selection of multiple strategies, signalers, or TradingView Alerts, enabling the AI to choose the best strategy based on market conditions.

TradingView Alerts

If you use TradingView, create TradingView Alerts that automatically trigger Cryptohopper to open or close positions on your behalf.

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