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Portfolio Management
Portfolio Management

Discover all the ins and outs so you can easily manage your crypto portfolio.

What can I do with my trade history?View, analyze, and download your crypto trading bot's trade history for strategic insights.
What are the stats?Access personal and global trading stats in your Cryptohopper account for key insights.
What is on the Dashboard?Master your trading bot with the essential features and tools available on your Cryptohopper Dashboard.
What is on the Advanced Dashboard?Utilize the Advanced Dashboard for enhanced crypto trading with key features and tools.
How to manage my cryptocurrency portfolio?Efficiently manage all your crypto exchanges and trade from one platform with Cryptohopper.
Where can I see my latest sells?
Where can I find my open orders?View and manage your open buy/sell orders directly from your Cryptohopper Dashboard.
How to rename my trading bot?Easily rename your trading bots for better management via base settings or overview.
Where to find my trading bot overview?Access and manage all your trading bots and simulators from the overview in your account.
How to use the buy and sell settings of Cryptohopper?Optimize trading with Cryptohopper's flexible buy and sell settings for automated success.
Which quote currency should I use?Choose the right quote currency for your trading bot to maximize profit and manage risks effectively.
Can I place buy and sell orders in multiple trading bots at the same time?Simultaneously place buy and sell orders across multiple trading bots with Bulk Bot Manager.
Can I update config settings in multiple trading bots at the same time?Update settings across multiple trading bots at once using the Bulk Bot Manager for efficiency.
How to use sub accounts on BybitLearn to create and manage Bybit Standard Subaccounts with our easy step-by-step guide.
How to create sub-accounts on OKX?Create sub-accounts on OKX to diversify trading strategies with Cryptohopper trading bots. Follow simple steps for secure setup.
Can I save technical indicators in my charts to avoid configuring them every time?Select default technical indicators for your bot's chart & save time!
How to automate crypto trading with portfolios (sub-accounts) on Coinbase?Learn to automate crypto trading on Coinbase with portfolios using Cryptohopper. Step-by-step guide included.