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What is on the Advanced Dashboard?
What is on the Advanced Dashboard?

Utilize the Advanced Dashboard for enhanced crypto trading with key features and tools.

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The Advanced Dashboard offers everything that your crypto exchange also has, but it makes it way easier to track your investments since your open positions are also shown. Easily place manual buy/sell orders and check the charts.

Users with an Explorer subscription or higher assigned to this trading bot, can even directly use features like a Take-Profit, Stop-Loss, Trailing Stop-Loss and the Trailing Stop-Buy while placing their order. Tools like Shorting and Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) can be done directly in this view as well. Click the links on the features to get an in-depth explanation of what they do.

Your view shows one market. That could be BTC/EUR, for example. If you want to switch markets, click the trading pair in the top left.

If you want to make your screen full screen, switch to night mode, see your current assets, or access your trading bot enable/disable toggle, use the top right buttons.

The beauty of the Advanced View, is that you can analyze the markets and act from one window while tracking your investments accurately with the positions window. It is also unique because you can configure a Take-profit or Trailing features while ordering! This makes trading much easier and allows you to have a brilliant bot trading assistant.

Even the order book is usable. View where your order is in the order book and also drag and drop it to the point you want to have it, without the need to cancel your order and configure a new one. That’s some trader friendliness right there.

The Advanced View offers features that are interesting for both free and paying users. It’s a brilliant way of managing your complete portfolio. Your ultimate trading cockpit.

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