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What are the stats?

Access personal and global trading stats in your Cryptohopper account for key insights.

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Your Cryptohopper account offers access to personal stats and global stats, providing insights into your trading performance and broader market trends. You can find the stats with this guide. Here’s how to navigate and make the most of these statistics:

Your Stats:

  • Location: Find your personal stats within your account.

  • Contents: Explore daily profit, average profit per coin, fund allocation and more.

  • Details: Everything you can find in your stats is available here.

Global Stats:

  • Location: Access global stats to see broader trends.

  • Contents: Statistics about the quote currency and the exchange you’re using for your bot like daily profit, most traded coins, average profits per coin and more.

  • Details: Find a full breakdown of global stats here.

Quick Tip: Regularly checking both your stats and global stats can provide valuable insights for your trading.

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