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Where can I find my open orders?
Where can I find my open orders?

View and manage your open buy/sell orders directly from your Cryptohopper Dashboard.

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You can find your open orders on the Dashboard and Advanced Dashboard.


At the top of the Dashboard, there's is a small widget called "open orders".

It lists a small overview or the current buy and sell orders the trading bot has placed in the crypto exchange's orderbook. Many people confuse Open orders with actual positions, it can happen that a partial fill is present, this won't be shown in the open orders, but will result in a smaller position then originally perceived.

If such a thing happens, don't be alarmed this will either clear up soon or the crypto exchange will remove the order and the partial fill will be considered a normal position, only a bit smaller.

If it happens constantly, please consider using a longer max open time buy/sell

Advanced Dashboard

Below the chart on the Advanced Dashboard, you will find a tab called 'orders'

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