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How to manage my cryptocurrency portfolio?
How to manage my cryptocurrency portfolio?

Efficiently manage all your crypto exchanges and trade from one platform with Cryptohopper.

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At Cryptohopper, you can manage all your crypto exchanges through one platform! You can manually execute trades on any connected crypto exchange without a Cryptohopper subscription or automatically trade cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH) with Cryptohopper subscriptions. Say goodbye to logging into each crypto exchange and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio via Cryptohopper.

How do I manage my cryptocurrency portfolio via Cryptohopper?

Connect your crypto exchanges

Before you can view your cryptocurrencies of your crypto exchange and start trading, it's important to establish a connection with your crypto exchange. This is usually done through API Keys or via Fast Connect.

Check out our tutorials on "How to connect to your exchange." Remember that you can manually execute trades without a subscription and automate trading with a subscription. Would you prefer to start with Paper Trading to familiarize yourself with the trading platform? Learn more about it in our article "How to create a Paper Trading bot"

Experiencing issues connecting to your crypto exchange? Contact support via the chat button on our website.

View your connected crypto exchanges

If you have configured a single trading bot, you will always land on the Dashboard of your trading bot. If you want to create multiple trading bots, check out our article 'How to create a new trading bot'

Click here when you are logged into Cryptohopper, or click on the dropdown next to "My bots" and then on "View all". Here you will see an overview of all your trading bots.

Trade via Cryptohopper

If you prefer to manually manage all your crypto exchanges, use either the Dashboard or the Advanced Dashboard. The Advanced Dashboard also displays charts of the trading pairs you want to trade, providing a better insight into the markets. If you wish to trade automatically, review the buy and sell settings of your trading bot and utilize the Troubleshooter to get started.

Use trading features such as Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), Trailing Stop-Loss, the Strategy Designer, AI Strategy Designer, TradingView Alerts, and many more.

Trade on multiple exchanges simultaneously with the Bulk Bot Manager

Image of the asset manager page

The Bulk Bot Manager enables you to place buy and sell orders on multiple crypto exchanges simultaneously! Additionally, you can adjust the buy and sell settings for different trading bots via the Bulk Bot Manager.

Manage your cryptocurrency portfolio via the iOS and Android app

Check all your open positions on any of our supported crypto exchanges and buy, sell, or adjust your trading bot settings on the go with the Cryptohopper iOS or Android apps!

At Cryptohopper, users can centralize management of their crypto exchanges on one trading platform. They have the flexibility to manually execute trades on any connected exchange or automate trading with Cryptohopper subscriptions.

By eliminating the need to log into each exchange individually, users can efficiently manage their cryptocurrency portfolios through Cryptohopper. This process involves connecting crypto exchanges, viewing them in a centralized dashboard, and trading via Cryptohopper's platform, which also offers advanced features like the Bulk Bot Manager for simultaneous trading across multiple exchanges. Additionally, users can conveniently monitor and adjust their portfolios using Cryptohopper's iOS and Android apps.

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