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How to use the buy and sell settings of Cryptohopper?
How to use the buy and sell settings of Cryptohopper?

Optimize trading with Cryptohopper's flexible buy and sell settings for automated success.

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There are a couple of things to know about Cryptohopper's buy and sell settings, and how work next to each other.

Buy settings

There are five different ways on Cryptohopper to create buy orders: Manual buy, Strategy, AI Strategy, TradingView, and Signalers. The most important thing to know is that all these options to create buy orders can be used simultaneously. When one of these get triggered, a buy orders will be placed.

Sell settings

For all sell settings that Cryptohopper offers, including Sell based on Strategy, Take Profit, Trailing Stop-Loss, and Auto Close, it matters which one is triggered first. They can be used simultaneously, and the setting that is met first will sell the position. A perfect combination of sell settings are a high Take profit percentage and a lower Trailing Stop-loss percentage to always lock in profits!

We don't recommend using Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) and Shorting at the same time.

To use automated buy and sell settings, a trading bot subscription is needed.

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