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Why doesn't my position DCA?

Why doesn't my position DCA? Learn why DCA trades may not execute & ensure optimal trading strategies.

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There can be several reasons why your position doesn't DCA.

First DCA trade

There are certain conditions your open position must meet before a DCA trade is executed:

  1. The "DCA after X time open" period must have elapsed.

  2. The "DCA set percentage trigger" must be reached.

If you use "DCA immediately" and the above two settings are already met, then a DCA trade is executed immediately.

If you don't use "DCA immediately", your trading strategy must first provide a buy signal before a DCA trade is executed. You can use a trading strategy to ensure better buying opportunities compared to "DCA immediately".

Next DCA trades

The same factors as in the first DCA trade apply, but there are additional factors for your next DCA trades to execute:

  1. The next DCA trade will be executed at a higher loss percentage than the "DCA set percentage trigger" you have configured. Scroll down this documentation article to see the example of DCA calculation. This applies to every subsequent DCA trade.

  2. If the "DCA count" has already been reached, no new DCA trades will be executed.

  3. Always ensure you have sufficient funds of the quote currency available to execute the DCA trade.

  4. If you have multiple open positions of the same currency, the trading bot considers the average percentage loss of all your positions. This can be seen when clicking on "Info" of an open position and then viewing the "DCA" tab.

We advise against using the "Lock position" feature when you have multiple open positions of the same currency. Cryptohopper doesn't support individual position DCA.

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