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How do I assign a subscription to my trading bot?
How do I assign a subscription to my trading bot?

Link your trading bot subscription easily via Dashboard, My bots overview, or Bulk Bot Manager.

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There are multiple ways to link a trading bot subscription to your trading bot.

From the Dashboard

  1. Go to your trading bot's Dashboard.

  2. Click on "Pioneer" (or "Explorer," "Adventurer," or "Hero" when shown) and click on the dropdown under "Select a subscription."

  3. Then click on "Assign subscription."

Don't have a subscription yet? Click on "Buy new subscription".

From the My bots overview

  1. Click on the dropdown of My bots in the menu on the left side and click on "View all."

2. Then click on "Subscriptions" and select a trading bot that needs a subscription.

From the Bulk Bot Manager (BBM)

  1. The Bulk Bot Manager allows you to manage multiple bots simultaneously. Click here to go to the Bulk Bot Manager and go to the "Subscriptions" tab.

  2. Then select multiple trading bots that require a trading bot subscription. If you have different types of bot subscriptions, such as 5 Hero and 3 Adventurer subscriptions, the Bulk Bot Manager will automatically assign the subscriptions in bulk, regardless of your subscription preference.

  3. If you prefer to decide which subscription plan needs to be assigned to a specific bot, check how to assign subscriptions from the My bots overview.

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