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Where can I view the activities of my trading bot?
Where can I view the activities of my trading bot?
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It's always useful to know what your trading bot is doing for you. There are 2 places within the trading bot where you can check its activities.

  • Activities

  • Trading Bot Output


At the top right of the Dashboard, you'll see the "Activity" tab. Here, you can view the current status of the bot and the last activity it checked.

Clicking on "Timetable" will show you the duration until the next check is performed for retrieving your crypto balances, the sell settings of your positions, short positions, Triggers, Trailing stop buy, and when it searches for new targets based on your trading strategy.

Trading Bot Output

The trading bot output at the bottom of the Dashboard (or under Log on the Advanced Dashboard) precisely indicates when the trading bot attempts to place a buy or sell order, when your sell settings are reached, or if there are trading bot errors preventing it from executing trades.

If there is anything unclear in the messages you see, please contact Cryptohopper's support via the chat icon at the bottom right of the Dashboard.

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