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How to troubleshoot my Copy Bot?
How to troubleshoot my Copy Bot?

Ensure your Copy Bot works flawlessly: check subscription, trade frequency, bot status, API keys, funds, and errors.

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Cryptohopper offers various Copy Bots that you can subscribe to, but how can you ensure your Copy Bot is functioning correctly?

1. Do you have a Copy Bot subscription?

Before using Cryptohopper's Copy Bots, it's important to choose a Copy Bot you want to subscribe to. Find an overview of all Copy Bots on Cryptohopper in the Cryptohopper Marketplace.

2. How often does the Copy Bot open trades?

The frequency of trades varies for each Copy Bot. Some Copy Bots do not trade and act as index bots, while others trade frequently. Always read the descriptions of the Copy Bots in Cryptohopper's Marketplace.

3. Is the Copy Bot enabled?

On the Copy Bot dashboard, there is a button labeled "Copy Bot enabled." If you see "Copy Bot disabled," click the toggle to enable the Copy Bot.

4. Are your API Keys correctly filled in?

In the Copy Bot output, you can see if there are error messages related to the API Keys you have filled in. If you encounter issues, refer to our crypto exchange-specific articles on "How to connect to your exchange."

5. Do you have enough funds of the quote currency?

Each Copy Bot operates with one quote currency. You use the quote currency to buy new positions, and when positions are sold, they are converted back into the quote currency.

If you only own other cryptocurrencies and not the required quote currency, check the "Current assets" section on the dashboard. Here, there is a button labeled "Convert to."

If you don't have funds in your crypto exchange account, deposit them via the crypto exchange to your account.

6. The Copy Bot should now be fully operational!

If you encounter Copy Bot errors in the Copy Bot output, try to understand the error messages so you can resolve them, or contact Cryptohopper's support via the chat function on the Cryptohopper website.

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