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What are Copy Bot subscriptions?
What are Copy Bot subscriptions?

Copy Bot subscriptions at Cryptohopper let you mimic the trades of expert traders directly. Ideal for leveraging seasoned strategies.

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At Cryptohopper, we offer a variety of subscription types to suit the diverse needs of our users, including Copy Bot subscriptions. A Copy Bot subscription allows you to replicate the trading strategy of another trader directly. You can find a range of Copy Bots in our Marketplace, each designed to follow the trades of successful traders on the platform.

Key Features of Copy Bot Subscriptions:

  • Replicate Successful Traders: Automatically copy the trades of seasoned traders within the Cryptohopper community.

  • Marketplace Access: Explore our Marketplace to find a Copy Bot that matches your trading preferences and requirements.

  • Compatibility Considerations: It's crucial to select a Copy Bot that uses the same exchange and quote currency as your account. For instance, a Copy Bot designed for Binance cannot be connected to an exchange account on Bitvavo.

For more information about Copy bots click here.

Copy Bot subscriptions are ideal for those who wish to leverage the expertise and trading strategies of experienced traders without the need to develop their own strategies from scratch. This approach can save time and potentially increase your chances of trading success.

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