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How to connect to Binance with API Keys?
How to connect to Binance with API Keys?

Learn how to create and configure Binance API keys for your Cryptohopper trading bot, plus troubleshooting tips.

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Step by step explanation how to create API Keys for Binance:

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  1. If you haven't already, go to Binance website and create an account.

  2. Verify your account and get started on the API by navigating to API Management.

  3. Click on “Create API”, select “System generated API Key” and click on Next.

  4. Start by naming the API something memorable such as "Cryptohopper API".

  5. To complete the puzzle, slide the puzzle piece into place. Afterwards, you must verify your API Keys by using all of the following methods: phone number verification code, email verification code, and authenticator code.

  6. Your API key and secret have been created, but they cannot be used for trading yet. Navigate to Cryptohopper and copy and paste the IP addresses into the Binance API keys by clicking on "Edit" under "Restrict access to trusted IPs Only" for IP whitelisting. Also Enable Spot & Margin trading.

  7. Copy the API Keys shown on Binance and paste them into Cryptohopper. Then, save the changes on Binance and click on "Connect to Binance."

Unable to see your Binance exchange balance?

If you are unable to see your Binance exchange balance, there may be a few issues preventing your trading bot from synchronizing with your exchange. One common cause is "auto-fill" being enabled in your browser. To fix this, try disabling auto-fill, using incognito mode, switching to a different browser, or disabling your password manager. For more information, you can watch our Cryptohopper Academy video on this subject or check our troubleshooting article.

You might encounter an error in Cryptohopper's onboarding process when connecting to Binance, even if your API Keys are correct. The most common reasons include having no funds in your Binance exchange account, having no funds in your trading account (as some crypto exchanges differentiate between funding and trading accounts), or not being a verified exchange user (KYC). In this case, please click on 'Continue without testing'. You can always check your API Keys later in your Base config.

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