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Copy Bot

Discover everything you want to know about Cryptohopper's Copy Bots.

How to select a Copy Bot?Considerations for selecting a Copy Bot: Exchange compatibility, quote currency choice, order frequency. Explore Cryptohopper's Marketplace.
How to set up a Copy Bot?Start automated trading with ease! Choose a Copy Bot, connect your exchange, and monitor trades via the app.
What is Copy Bot Portfolio Sync?Discover Copy Bot Portfolio Sync: Automate opening positions based on Copy Bot Seller trades. Check marketplace info.
Why is my Copy Bot not buying/not buying a lot?Ensure your Copy Bot is active, well-funded, and correctly connected to your exchange for seamless trading.
Can I use multiple trading bots on the same crypto exchange account?Using multiple trading bots on one crypto exchange? Considerations & tips for efficient management.
How do I renew my Copy Bot?Renew your Copy Bot subscription manually: Check dashboard or subscription overview. Explore Copy Bots in the Marketplace.
How do I convert a regular trading bot into a Copy Bot?Missed renewal, accidental stops, or trial expirations can turn your Copy Bot into a trading bot. Revert in the Marketplace.
Can I convert funds to my quote currency?Convert funds easily on the Copy Bot Dashboard with 'Convert to USDT' button.
How are Copy Bot orders placed?Cryptohopper prioritizes subscriber buy orders, preventing frontrunning by sellers. Orders are executed randomly, unlike competitors.
Why is my profit different from that of the seller of the Copy Bot?Difference in profit/loss between your Copy Bot & seller's may stem from timing & order book dynamics.
How often does a Copy Bot trade?Copy Bot trading frequency varies. Check descriptions before subscribing. Index bots don't trade; others may trade heavily.
Does the seller of the Copy Bot have skin in the game?Copy Bot sellers on Cryptohopper must use their own money for trading, except for a few cases.
How to troubleshoot my Copy Bot?Ensure your Copy Bot works flawlessly: check subscription, trade frequency, bot status, API keys, funds, and errors.
Why is Cryptohopper’s Copy Bot different?Discover the unique features of Cryptohopper's Copy Bot and its fair order placements, transparent pricing, and dedicated sellers!
What is a Copy Bot?Automate your trading with Cryptohopper's Copy Bots. Find, subscribe, connect, and trade hassle-free!
How can I continue using my existing Copy Bot subscription?Accidentally stopped your Copy Bot? Convert your trading bot back to Copy Bot and continue using your subscription easily.