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Why is Cryptohopper’s Copy Bot different?
Why is Cryptohopper’s Copy Bot different?

Discover the unique features of Cryptohopper's Copy Bot and its fair order placements, transparent pricing, and dedicated sellers!

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Discover why Cryptohopper's Copy Bot is different from other crypto Copy Bots!

Order placements

Cryptohopper's Copy Bots are different from other similar services because of how they handle orders. Instead of giving priority to the seller's orders, Cryptohopper ensures fairness by executing subscribers' buy orders first, preventing any unfair advantages for the seller.

Unlike some competitors, where the seller's orders come first, Cryptohopper values fairness and transparency. This approach helps to maintain an equal trading environment and ensures that profits are distributed fairly among subscribers.

Communicate with Copy Bot sellers

Additionally, Cryptohopper fosters trust and transparency by enabling easy communication between subscribers and Marketplace Sellers. Subscribers can connect with sellers, stay updated on their trading strategies, and build a relationship based on trust.


What sets Cryptohopper apart is its commitment to transparency in pricing. With clear and straightforward pricing structures, subscribers always know what they're paying for, without any hidden fees or surprises.

Skin in the game

Marketplace Sellers on Cryptohopper have skin in the game, meaning they must use their own funds in their own trading bots (unless they can't create an account on the crypto exchange they want to offer their Copy Bots). They are fully committed to trading with dedication. This ensures that subscribers can trust in the expertise and dedication of the sellers they choose to follow.

Overall, Cryptohopper's Copy Bot offers a fair, transparent, and user-friendly experience, making it a preferred choice for automated trading in the cryptocurrency market.

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