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Why is my profit different from that of the seller of the Copy Bot?
Why is my profit different from that of the seller of the Copy Bot?

Difference in profit/loss between your Copy Bot & seller's may stem from timing & order book dynamics.

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There can be a difference in the loss or profit percentage of your Copy Bot and the trading bot of the Copy Bot seller. There are several reasons for this:

  1. The buying moment of the Copy Bot seller may be slightly earlier than your buying moment. This can result in a minimal difference in purchase price.

  2. If you use Portfolio Sync, especially for new Copy Bot subscribers, it may occur that the seller's buying moment occurred much earlier.

  3. During the buying and selling of positions, you are dealing with the order book of a particular trading pair. Depending on how many copiers there are of a particular Copy Bot, the buy or sell pressure can be quite significant, resulting in a large portion of existing orders in the order book being filled as the price of a currency can quickly rise or fall. The more liquid a trading pair is, the less impact there will be on the price when the Copy Bot places a buy or sell order.

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