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Why is my Copy Bot not buying/not buying a lot?
Why is my Copy Bot not buying/not buying a lot?

Ensure your Copy Bot is active, well-funded, and correctly connected to your exchange for seamless trading.

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Step 1: Check your subscription

First, make sure your Copy Bot subscription is active. An inactive Copy Bot subscription might be the reason your bot isn't trading. It's important to note that Explorer, Adventurer, or Hero subscriptions won't work for this purpose; you specifically need a Copy Bot subscription. You can buy a Copy Bot subscription here.

Step 2: Verify funds

Ensure you have enough funds on your crypto exchange account, specifically in the quote currency that your trading bot uses for trading. Your Copy Bot needs sufficient balance to make trades. You can convert all your open positions to your quote currency in the Assets section on your Copy Bot Dashboard.

Step 3: Confirm crypto exchange connection

Check if your Copy Bot is correctly connected to your exchange. A misconfiguration here can prevent trades. You can find the guides for connecting with your exchange here.

Step 4: Check the Copy Bot page

Make sure you read the page of the Copy Bot. Some Copy Bots make more trades than others. You can find the description of all the Copy bots here.

Step 5: Confirm trading wallet

Make sure you're using the trading wallet on your crypto exchange. This is where your trades will happen.

Step 6: Check Copy Bot output

If you're still facing issues, head to the Copy Bot Dashboard. At the bottom, you'll find the Copy Bot output that might highlight the problem.

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