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Why isn't my Paper Trading bot doing anything?
Why isn't my Paper Trading bot doing anything?

Resolve issues with inactive Paper Trading bots on Cryptohopper using troubleshooting and support.

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There can be several reasons why your Paper Trading bot isn't opening new trades. There are a few things you can look into:


The quickest option to check why your Paper Trading bot doesn't seem to be doing anything is to use the Troubleshooter located at the top of the Dashboard or Advanced Dashboard.


It happens that new users create too many Paper Trading bots at the beginning, causing all Paper Trading bots to be stopped. If this is the case, disable the Paper Trading bots you don't want to use via the Dashboard, Advanced Dashboard, or via your trading bot overview, and then save the Paper Trading bot you want to use again. One Explorer, Adventurer, or Hero subscription allows you to use 1 trading bot with real funds and 1 trading bot with Paper Trading funds.

No trigger to open positions

The following article indicates the different automatic features that can open positions for you. It is recommended to go through this article to find out what's needed to open positions.

Contact Support

Still unsure why your Paper Trading bot doesn't seem to be doing anything? Before contacting Cryptohopper's support, make sure to check whether your trading strategy can find targets using the strategy backtester displayed in the Strategy Designer. If you're using trading signals, first check the Cryptohopper Marketplace to see if your Signaler is sending signals for your selected crypto exchange, cryptocurrencies, and quote currency.

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