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Why isn't my bot trading?

Discover why your bot isn't trading with Troubleshooter, documentation, or support.

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There can be several reasons why your trading bot isn't opening new trades. There are a few things you can look into:


The quickest option to check why your trading bot doesn't seem to be doing anything is to use the Troubleshooter located at the top of the Dashboard or Advanced Dashboard.

Please note that when you click on the troubleshooter, we provide a warning for IP addresses by default. We cannot verify which IP addresses are set for the API Keys on your crypto exchange.

Documentation article

If the troubleshooter doesn't provide enough clarity, you can also review our comprehensive article "How to troubleshoot your trading bot."

Contact Support

Still unsure why your trading bot doesn't seem to be doing anything? Before contacting Cryptohopper's support, make sure to check whether your trading strategy can find targets using the strategy backtester displayed in the Strategy Designer. If you're using trading signals, first check the Cryptohopper Marketplace to see if your Signaler is sending signals for your selected crypto exchange, cryptocurrencies, and quote currency.

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