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Is automated trading difficult?
Is automated trading difficult?

Discover automated trading effortlessly. Explore different methods and consider starting with Paper Trading for practice.

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Automated trading can be as easy or as difficult as you make it. Explore the different options and decide how you want to trade automatically. Also, consider to trade with simulated funds first by using Paper Trading.

Completely Hands-Off

Are you new to automated trading? The easiest option for automated trading is to use Copy Bots. In 3 simple steps, you can automatically follow a professional trader. Copy Bots are separate subscriptions, and the subscription costs vary per Copy Bot available in the Marketplace.

Buy Manually, Sell Automatically

Do you want to have more control? Learn more about how to place manual orders on your crypto exchange via Cryptohopper's Advanced Dashboard. Specify the selling settings in the order you place or automatically use the sell settings from the Base config of your trading bot.

Trade via Trading Signals, Sell Automatically

Don't know when the right moments are to open a position? Learn how to use trading signals. Always check if the signaler you selected sends trading signals to your selected cryptocurrencies, quote currency, and crypto exchange.

Trade with a Trading Strategy

Do you want to download a trading strategy or create a trading strategy based on technical indicators? Learn how to use the Cryptohopper Marketplace to download strategies or how to create a trading strategy yourself.

Trade with TradingView Alerts

Prefer to use TradingView Alerts to trade? Learn more about how Cryptohopper can execute the trades for you.

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