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Are demo accounts available for practice trading?
Are demo accounts available for practice trading?

Experience Paper Trading on Cryptohopper for hands-on practice. Test strategies and alerts with real market data.

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Yes, demo accounts are available on Cryptohopper. We call this Paper Trading and it is available on every crypto exchange that we support. Paper Trading allows you to test your trading strategies and TradingView Alerts on real market prices. Determine your own starting balance and experience what it's like to trade automatically on Cryptohopper.

What do I need to start paper trading?

During your trial on Cryptohopper, you can create both a trading bot with real funds and a trading bot with demo funds. Do you want to continue with Paper Trading after the trial?

Each trading bot subscription allows you to use 1 trading bot with real money and 1 with fake money.

It is not possible to use multiple paper trading bots with one trading bot subscription. However, you can purchase multiple trading bot subscriptions to paper trade on multiple trading bots.

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