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Are there differences between trading with Paper Trading and real funds?
Are there differences between trading with Paper Trading and real funds?

Understand key differences between Paper Trading and real funds trading, including TA scan frequency and trade volume.

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Yes, there are several important differences between Paper Trading and trading with real money.

Technical Analysis (TA) Scan

During Paper Trading, your trading strategy's Technical Analysis (TA) scan occurs every 10 minutes. However, when trading with real funds, the frequency of TA scans varies depending on your subscription level.

Hero subscribers benefit from a 2-minute scan interval, while Adventurer subscribers have a 5-minute interval. Explorer subscribers experience a 10-minute interval for their TA scans. Regardless of subscription type, Paper Trading bots consistently offer 2 triggers, unless there's a trading bot subscription assigned to it.

Trade Volume

In real-money trading, trade volume is influenced by the exchange's supply and demand dynamics. If there are no buyers or sellers willing to transact at your specified price, your order may remain unfilled.

Conversely, Paper Trading provides limitless volume. Your bot monitors price fluctuations and ensures order fulfillment. Therefore, an order successfully executed in paper trading may not be filled when using real funds.


Real-money trading involves linking your trading bot to your crypto exchange account, utilizing available funds for trading. In contrast, Paper Trading necessitates depositing simulated funds specifically for testing purposes.

API Keys

To execute trades with real money, you must connect your Cryptohopper account to your crypto exchange using API Keys or Fast Connect. These keys enable seamless integration and trade execution. However, when conducting Paper Trading, there's no need to link to your crypto exchange via API Keys.

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