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How to connect to your crypto exchange using Fast Connect?
How to connect to your crypto exchange using Fast Connect?

Connect seamlessly to your crypto exchange using Fast Connect or API Key on Cryptohopper.

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To enable seamless interaction between your trading bot and Cryptohopper, Cryptohopper offers two options. You can either use Fast Connect, which involves logging in with your crypto exchange account directly on Cryptohopper (the most convenient option and similar to logging in with Facebook, Apple or Google login), or create an API Key.

Both methods establish a secure connection between Cryptohopper and the crypto exchange, empowering your bot to perform essential tasks such as automated order placement and access to balance information for precise calculations.

What do the Fast Connect buttons do in the trading bot's Base config?

  • Connect to Exchange: Click this button when you want to connect to your crypto exchange using Fast Connect.

  • Disconnect: Disconnect your trading bot from your crypto exchange while keeping the data needed for a connection to your exchange on Cryptohopper's servers. This allows for easy reconnection to the same or another trading bot.

  • Disconnect All: Remove all the data needed to establish a connection with your crypto exchange. You will need to go through the Fast Connect flow again to reconnect to your crypto exchange.

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