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How to connect your trading bot to BingX with Fast Connect?
How to connect your trading bot to BingX with Fast Connect?

Easily connect your trading bot to BingX using Cryptohopper's Fast Connect for secure, automated trading in just a few clicks.

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To enable seamless interaction between your trading bot and BingX, Cryptohopper offers two options: Fast Connect (based on BingX's oAuth2 solution) and API Key. Both methods establish a secure connection between Cryptohopper and the crypto exchange, allowing your trading bot to perform essential tasks such as automated order placement and accessing balance information for precise calculations.

Fast Connect your trading bot to BingX

Cryptohopper's Fast Connect feature is the most convenient option for connecting your trading bot to BingX, similar to the "Login with Facebook" button seen on many websites.

  1. Select BingX as your preferred crypto exchange.

  2. Click on "Fast Connect" and log in with your BingX account: With a single click on the Fast Connect button, you'll be securely directed to log in to your BingX account.

  3. Enter your BingX login details: Provide your login credentials in the pop-up provided by BingX.

  4. Complete Two-Factor Authentication (2FA): For additional security, you'll be prompted to enter your 2FA code. If you're using an unfamiliar browser, the 2FA will authorize it on BingX.

  5. Select the BingX account or sub-account to use on Cryptohopper.

  6. View your funds in Cryptohopper: After successfully completing the onboarding process, your BingX funds will be visible in Cryptohopper, allowing you to start trading.

For those who prefer, you can also connect using an API Key. Both methods ensure a secure and efficient connection between your trading bot and BingX.

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