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Why aren't orders being placed?

If no orders are placed by your trading bot, check if buying is enabled, strategy settings are met, or configurations exist.

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There can be several reasons why no orders are being placed in your trading bot:

Trading bot or Buying is disabled

When the trading bot or Buying is turned off, no orders will be placed on your crypto exchange account. Both settings must be enabled for automatic order placement. Check your Dashboard or Advanced Dashboard to enable these settings.

Trading bot errors

There may be trading bot errors causing no orders to be placed. Check the trading bot output for more information.

Strategy settings not met

The article 'Why doesn't my strategy place orders' provides more information on why trades are not being opened based on your trading strategy.

No signals, strategy, or TradingView Alerts configured

If nothing is configured to open positions automatically, such as trading signals, trading strategy, or TradingView Alerts, the trading bot doesn't know what to do. Configure one or more of these options for automatic trading.

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