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Can I backtest my trading bot?

Backtest your trading bot or template in beta mode. Learn more!

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Yes, you can backtest your trading bot or a trading bot template. This feature is still in beta.

How to backtest a trading bot?

  1. If you haven't selected a trading bot yet, go to your bot overview and choose a trading bot. Then click on "Backtesting," followed by "Go to new backtesting."

  2. Click on the "New backtest" button.

  3. Select a bot template or trading bot that you want to backtest.

  4. Choose a date range and time period for your backtest. Please note that the maximum time period allowed is one month.

  5. Determine the checking speed that you want to use in your backtest.

  6. (Optional) Set your start amount and Maker and Taker fee percentage, if desired.

  7. Click on the "Start Backtest" button to begin the backtesting process.

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