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How to configure my trading strategy?
How to configure my trading strategy?
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There are multiple ways to configure a trading strategy. It is possible to create your own trading strategy, and you can also purchase trading strategies in Cryptohopper's Marketplace. In both situations, you can backtest your trading strategy.

How to configure my trading strategy?

There are two places where you can configure your trading strategies in the trading bot.

Base config

If you want to use the trading strategy on all selected cryptocurrencies, you can go to the 'Strategy' tab in the Base config. Click on the dropdown menu and select your trading strategy.

Config pools

Do you want to use a trading strategy only for a single cryptocurrency or a few cryptocurrencies? Click on 'Config pool', then on 'Add config pool', select the currency, and review the other buy and sell settings. Config pools override the Base config settings for the selected currencies.

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