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Can I trade all cryptocurrencies from my exchange?
Can I trade all cryptocurrencies from my exchange?
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When using Cryptohopper's trading bot, you always trade from one quote currency. Suppose the quote currency configured in your trading bot is USDT; then, you can trade all trading pairs with USDT.

The number of available trading pairs you can automatically trade depends on the subscription plan you have chosen:

  • Explorer: 15 different cryptocurrencies

  • Adventurer: 50 different cryptocurrencies

  • Hero: 75 different cryptocurrencies

Manually, you can trade all available trading pairs. If you use one of the above subscription plans, these positions will be sold based on your Base config settings.

What is Quote Currency

A quote currency is used by your trading bot to buy other cryptocurrencies and to sell those back for quote your currency. Make sure that you deposit funds corresponding to the quote currency, otherwise, your bot won’t have funds to buy currencies with.

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