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What is Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.) and how does it work?
What is Algorithm Intelligence (A.I.) and how does it work?

Discover Algorithm Intelligence A.I., exclusive to Cryptohopper, shaping the future of automated trading.

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One of the most exciting developments in automated trading is our Algorithm Intelligence A.I. The way we offer it, it is exclusively available on Cryptohopper, making it unique.

A.I. stands for: Algorithmic Intelligence. No, it’s not Artificial Intelligence (well not yet. Who knows where the future is going to bring us).

The way our A.I works is easily explainable, simply compare it to an automatic backtester. You “feed” your A.I with all the possible trading strategies, it will analyze them all for you and choose the one that is most successful in the current market. You will not come closer to a set-and-forget then this.

Crucial to creating a good A.I are two things

  1. Have several accurate market trend analysis trading strategies that help your A.I. analyze the trend of a market. Build trading strategies yourself or download them from the Cryptohopper Marketplace. Feed it with as many trading strategies for buy/sell signals as possible.

  2. Your A.I. will rate both market trend & signal strategies with an accuracy score. You can determine in your Base config how high the score must be on a signal, before your trading bot may follow it. Your trading bot will automatically follow signals coming from the trading strategy with the highest accuracy. How exciting!

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