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How is the profit of my trading bot calculated?
How is the profit of my trading bot calculated?

Factors like synced positions & trading fees affect profit calculation. Displayed based on start balance & total assets.

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There are many factors that can influence profit calculation. Consider synced positions, partially filled orders, trading fees, and much more. Due to these factors, it is difficult to display the exact profit.

Therefore, Cryptohopper has chosen to display profit based on the Start balance and the Total assets in USDT on the exchange (or another quote currency). The difference between these two values represents the profit.

Extra things to know:

  • Reset: Click on reset if you want to reset the profit to 0%. It will look at the current Total USDT in assets on the exchange (or other quote currency).

  • Total USDT in assets on exchange (or other quote currency): Only the cryptocurrencies that have a trading pair with your selected quote currency will be taken into account for the calculation. Do you own a cryptocurrency that doesn't have a trading pair with your quote currency? Then the shown value will be lower than on your crypto exchange.

  • Edit: Edit the start balance of your trading bot.

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