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Cryptohopper FAQ
Cryptohopper FAQ

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Cryptohopper, covering topics from basic usage to advanced features.

Are trading bots profitable?Maximize trading bot success with key considerations: time, costs, strategy, community, troubleshooting.
Is there a minimum deposit required to start trading?Trade on Cryptohopper with no specific minimum amount. Consider exchange minimums, subscription costs, and try paper trading first.
Why isn't my bot trading?Encountering trading bot issues? This guide helps diagnose and fix common problems, ensuring effective trading.
Which crypto exchanges are supported?Trade and manage your crypto portfolio across top crypto exchanges with Cryptohopper. Join now!
How can I profit from automated trading?Automate cryptocurrency trading with bots for emotion-free, high-speed, and diversified portfolios.
What are the pros and cons of automated trading?Automate cryptocurrency trading with bots for efficient, emotion-free portfolios. Learn pros and cons now!
Is automated trading difficult?Discover automated trading effortlessly. Explore different methods and consider starting with Paper Trading for practice.
What are the trading fees on Cryptohopper?Cryptohopper offers fee-free trading. Subscription required for automated trading. Check exchange fees separately.
Are demo accounts available for practice trading?Experience Paper Trading on Cryptohopper for hands-on practice. Test strategies and alerts with real market data.
Do I need to keep my computer on while trading?You don't need your computer. Cryptohopper trades entirely in the cloud, even while you sleep or on the go.
Are all crypto exchanges accessible in my country?Discover accessible crypto exchanges based on your country with Cryptohopper.
What trading instruments are offered?Cryptohopper provides spot trading for cryptocurrencies on centralized exchanges. Futures, margin, and options trading are not offered.
How long does it take to get a response to my ticket?Prompt support ticket responses within 2 business days. Quick resolution for all queries.
My account is blocked what can I do?Blocked account? Contact support via chat or email with your username and email for speedy resolution.
What is my user profile?Manage your Cryptohopper account easily with the User Profile. Update info, set preferences, and enhance security.
What are trailing features and how do they work?Cryptohopper's trailing features automate trading actions like Trailing Stop-Loss, Stop-Buy, & Stop-Short, optimizing your strategy.
Is this software mac/windows/linux/android/Ios compatible?Track your crypto portfolio on the go with Cryptohopper's iOS and Android apps or on a mobile browser.
Why am I being logged out?Automatic logout after 5 minutes of inactivity for security. Stay logged in by staying on your bot's Dashboard.
Is Cryptohopper safe to use?Cryptohopper is safe: we protect your account carefully and do not have access to your funds.