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How to buy Bitcoins

Hi there, Hoppers!


If you have a Poloniex account, you will need Bitcoins to trade with. Poloniex only accepts crypto currencies (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc) and no fiat currencies (Euro, Dollar etc.)


Deposit address

First you will need to know your deposit address. In this tutorial, we explain where to find your Poloniex Bitcoin address.


Buy Bitcoin

There are a lot of websites and exchanges where you can buy Bitcoin. Here are two ways:

(Quick) A very easy way is to buy at Coinbase.

(Slow) If you want to buy an (large) amount for the best price, we advise to go to Kraken. It's also possible to let you Hopper trade for
you on Kraken. You will need to verify yourself.


It's as easy as that!


Do you have any questions which aren't answered in the tutorials? Ask them on our forum!


Happy Hopping!

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