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Mirror Trading

Fully copy an expert by buying a Copy bot or subscribing to signalers who send out trading signals on which your bot can trade automatically on. We offer a marketplace where you can easily judge the performance of signalers. You don’t need to follow the sell signals they send, but you can also Semi copy a trader. Use the Stop-Loss to protect against deep losses, and let the Trailing Stop-Loss help you sell on the right moment.

Templates are preconfigured bots that have these settings setup already for you. 

Do you want more control? Strategies are basically packages with algorithms that scan the markets for you. You can backtest these strategies to see if they perform well in the current market. 

Setting up a Copy bot

First create an account if you haven't already. Create a bot and select the Copy Bot. Select a Copy bot you want to use. Important:  make sure you choose a Copy bot that uses your exachange and quote currency. 

Copy Bot Sellers employ various trading strategies. Some prefer manual trading based on support and resistance with fewer trades, while others opt for automated strategies with numerous open positions. When selecting a Copy Bot from the Marketplace, we strongly advise reviewing the following:

  • The number of trades executed by the Seller in the last 30 days.
  • Key statistics.
  • The detailed explanation of the Copy Bot's strategy.

If you still have questions or need clarification about a specific Copy Bot, don't hesitate to reach out to the Seller. You'll find their contact information on the Copy Bot's page.

Setting up a copy trading bot

First, create a bot and connect it to your exchange account. Not sure how? Read our "Get Started" manual.

Next, go to the marketplace and search for a signaler. Signaler all have their own profiles where their performance data is kept. You can see how many signals they’ve sent, if those signals made a profit and for which pairs & exchanges they send signals.

Make sure to check this when choosing a signaler:

  • Does he (or she) send signals for your exchange?

  • Does he send signals for your quote currency?

  • What is the overall performance? What is the average profit/loss?

  • Check the coins for which he sends signals, then go to the config -> baseconfig -> coins & amounts and select the coins your signaler sends signals for. Traders with a Hero subscription can select “Allow all coins, so that they trade automatically on every signal they receive.

  • Some signalers offer their own templates. You can download and install them, so that your Hopper is configured as your signaler recommends.

  • Check if you have enough funds in your quote currency (that’s often BTC or USDT). You can check this in your configuration. Your bot will use this base currency to buy assets.

Trade Automatically with Marketplace Strategies & Templates

Do you want more control? Strategies are basically packages with algorithms that scan the markets for you. You can backtest these strategies to see if they perform well in the current market. 

Algorithmic traders build packages that consist of technical indicators that are used to scan the markets. Their indicators look at trends, momentum, volatility and volume. They have multiple strategies that work in different markets, so they’re continuously backtesting strategies to check how they perform on the current market. 

When using a strategy as a beginner, we recommend to also use a template. Most strategy makers offer matching templates. Templates are preconfigured bots that have these settings already set up for you. 

First, let’s download a template. Go to the marketplace, select templates and search for a template that you like.

Next, let’s load the template into your bot. This overwrites your current configuration.

Yes, you’ve installed your first template! Great! That wasn’t so hard, was it? Next up, let’s download a strategy and configure it, so it can help your bot scan for buying opportunities. We’re going to download a free strategy, because who doesn’t like free stuff? 

Now that we’ve downloaded a strategy, we’re going to configure it. Go to your config -> Baseconfig -> Strategy and select the strategy that you’ve downloaded.

And you’re done! Ensure that you’ve got funds in your quote currency so that your bot can buy positions. You can choose what kind of coins your bot may buy in the Coins & Amounts section. 

You’ve created your first bot that’s trading on a strategy that consists of technical indicators! How cool is that! You can be proud of yourself. We encourage traders to backtest their strategies to see if it performs well in the current market. 

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