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How to connect to Poloniex

To allow your bot to interact with Poloniex, you will need to create an API Key. This key acts as a connection between Cryptohopper and the exchange, enabling your bot to perform tasks such as placing automated orders and accessing your balance for its calculations. Essentially, the API Key serves as a way for your bot to communicate with the exchange and execute the actions necessary for automated trading.

Step one

poloniex step one

If you haven’t already, go to Poloniex website and create an account.

Step two

Verify your account and navigate to your Profile and then API Keys.

Step three

poloniex step three

Enable API access and enter your verification code.

Step four

poloniex step four

To create a new API, click on the "Create API" button and select "Trading" and "Unrestricted" as the access level. You will then need to enter your verification code again to complete the process.

Step five

poloniex step four

Navigate to the Base config in Cryptohopper and select "Exchange" and then "Poloniex."

Step six

poloniex step five

To link your Poloniex account with Cryptohopper, copy the API keys shown on Poloniex and paste them into the appropriate fields in Cryptohopper. Don't forget to save the changes. It may take a moment for the bot to link everything together, but once it's done, your balance should become visible on Cryptohopper.

Unable to see your exchange balance?

If you are unable to see your exchange balance, there may be a few issues preventing your bot from synchronizing with your exchange. One common cause is "auto-fill" being enabled in your browser. To fix this, you can try disabling autofill, using incognito mode, using a different browser, or disabling your password manager. For more information, you can watch our Cryptohopper Academy video on this subject or check our troubleshooting article.

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