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Why do I see the error 'SPOT_COIN_NO_ACCESS' on
Why do I see the error 'SPOT_COIN_NO_ACCESS' on

Error 'SPOT_COIN_NO_ACCESS' on means geo-restrictions prevent trading a specific cryptocurrency.

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When you encounter the error 'SPOT_COIN_NO_ACCESS' on, it means you are not allowed to trade a particular cryptocurrency. This is due to geo restrictions, meaning the country/jurisdiction in which you reside.

We recommend removing the cryptocurrency from the 'Selected currencies' under 'Currencies and amounts' in the Base config of your trading bot.

Example error message:

04/17/2024 10:03:08 AM ERROR error. Message: SPOT_COIN_NO_ACCESS

04/17/2024 10:03:08 AM ERROR Error placing buy order, data: {"orderNumber":false,"error":"SPOT_COIN_NO_ACCESS"}

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