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Why do I see 'Unknown parameter was sent' on Bybit?
Why do I see 'Unknown parameter was sent' on Bybit?

Error 'Unknown parameter was sent' on Bybit usually means trade amounts are below the platform's minimum.

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When you see the error 'Unknown parameter was sent' in your trading bot output in your Bybit trading bot, you will also see the following error: 'Order value exceeded lower limit'.

This means that the quantity of a cryptocurrency your trading bot wants to buy or sell is lower than the minimum trade amount on Bybit. Please check this link for the minimum trade amounts on Bybit and consider increasing the trade amounts in your Base config under 'Currencies and amounts'.

Example of the error messages:

04/11/2024 11:20:57 PM ERROR An unknown parameter was sent.

04/11/2024 11:20:57 PM ERROR Error placing buy order, data: {"error":"An unknown parameter was sent."}

04/11/2024 11:53:14 PM ERROR Order value exceeded lower limit.

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